Linha do Tempo


Moved to FC Anyang (South Korea)

Moved to South Korea to play on FC Anyang, to play the K League Challenge Championish. Later, moved to FC Anyang where played K League Challenage again.


In 2015, played in Dubai on Dibba Al Fujairah and Dubai Club.

Em 2015, jogou em Dubai, nos times Dibba Al Fujairah e Dubai Club.


Hired by Guarani (Brazil)

Hired by Guarani (Brazil) to play Brazilian B Series Championship in 2011.


Played for Lucena

Played for Lucena for 2 years.

Played on Atlético Goianiense

Played from Atlético Goianiense from March/2007 until June/2007.

Vitória da Conquista Highlight

Felipe was the best player (highlighted) playing for Vitoria da Conquista, on Baiano Championship.